Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite podcast episodes lately regarding leadership, building trust in the workplace, and happiness in our careers.

I’d love to hear what your favorite podcast is these days; please leave a comment so that I can give it a listen and keep the flow going!


1 – Unlocking Us With Brené Brown – Armored Versus Daring Leadership

”Armored Leadership= being a knower and being right versus Daring Leadership = being a learner and getting it right.”

Brené Brown

Get ready to have many revelations! This two parts podcast dives into specific ways of creating a mindful culture at work where team members are encouraged to speak up, be brave, and use vulnerability as a leadership tool. WOW.

Whether you are a leader or manager, aspiring to become one, or are just frustrated with the current leadership you are under but are not sure why or how you can contribute, this podcast is full of information and light bulbs moments. A tremendous value for the time invested – I listened to it twice; it was SO insightful! Plus, I love the way Brené explains our emotions and human nature; it is both head-on and soothing.

”I don’t trust people that don’t ask for help.”

Brené Brown

Brené Brown is a doctor, searcher, university professor, and leading voice on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. She is also a podcaster (I love her show Unlocking Us) and a massive inspiration. In this podcast, she talks about the types of armor we wear at work and the shame and blame commonly used to manage others and ourselves.

Don’t know Brené yet? She is the bomb; you need her in your life! I also recommend you watch her talk A Call to Courage on Netflix.


2 – The Richie Norton Show – Episode 87 – Dr. Marshall Goldsmith: The number 1 Executive Coach in the World

I love Richie’s podcast; it’s one of my favorites! His perspective on life, our relationship to time and money, is very thought-provoking and majorly inspiring.

Richie Norton is a top executive coach, Entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He has a joyful spirit and insightful outlook on happiness. 

In this episode, Richie speaks with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, one of the first executive coaches in the World and founder of 100 Coaches. Dr. Goldsmith is very charismatic and has a very transparent approach to cultivating happiness, which speaks to me.

He suggests that we pick six questions we ask ourselves daily to help us show up and evolve. Then, he shares his own six questions, which all begin with: Did I do my best today to________?

”Did I do my best to be happy today?”

Marshall goldsmith

This can also be applied to our leadership or management practice. Here are a few questions that we can track daily with my team at the studio to validate that we are always aligned with our goal of igniting joy at work:

Did I do my best to set clear goals with the team?

Did I do my best to understand my colleagues?

Did I do my best to prioritize mine and the team’s happiness?

Did I do my best to create meaning?

Did I do my best to be present in my interactions?

Did I do my best to lead by example?

”Do you want other people to be happy? Lead by example. You go first.”

Marshall goldsmith

A great lesson on leadership and minor, easy-to-implement strategies to enhance our happiness.


3 – Entrepreneurs on Fire – 8 Pillars That Drive Massive Results With David Horsager

Trust is such a fundamental notion in teamwork and has become a subject of fascination for me. It is the foundation of our relationships with ourselves, our team, and our clients and vendors. It is scarcely evaluated or validated in studios, and it has the power to change SO much. It is hard to get but so easy to lose.

In this episode, popular podcaster and entrepreneur Jon Lee Dumas talks with David Horsager, a searcher and world-renown coach on trust leadership. His team helps companies around the workly build trust within their walls and grow their productivity as a result. In this episode, he shares the main pillars of building and preserving trust in the workplace.

”The most magnetic trait according to research actually is gratitude. We love to be around people that are grateful.”

David horsager

He shares massive value items in this short format podcast; this is a golden nugget! I love Entrepreneur’s on Fire because it is condensed and only focuses on significant truth bombs.


4 – The Goal Digger Podcast – Episode 463 Happiness and Wellbeing: The Secrets Baked by Science with Dr. Laurie Santos

Entrepreneur and marketing specialist Jenna Kutcher hosts the Goal Digger Podcast. In this episode, she talks with Dr. Laurie Santos, a wildly popular Yale professor and happiness expert (what a great title!).

”These days, psychologists think of happiness in 2 ways: Happiness is having joy IN your life and having joy WITH your life.”

laurie santos

I love this podcast episode because it looks into happiness and mindset from a scientific perspective, which is refreshing and soothing! Dr. Santos introduces gratitude as a scientifically proven habit that increases happiness but also performance!

”I think the biggest misconception is that happiness is really about circumstances. What we need to become to be really happy is not to change our circumstances, it’s to change our behaviour and our mindset. We think of pursuing happiness, we think of big changes, like life changes. What we really need are habits changes and behavior changes.”

Laurie Santos

Dr. Santos introduces specific ways in which we can fortify our mindset and strengthen our daily happiness. She also shares some of her own experience facing a new world and tips on navigating our changing reality. This episode is a must!


5 – The Tony Robbins Podcast: Start small, think big, scale quickly / SPANX founder Sara Blakely on how to bootstrap a billion-dollar business.

Both Tim Robbins and Sara Blakely are huge inspirations for having a winning mindset and living a limitless life. Sara Blakely is the founder of SPANX and the first billionaire woman in the World. She chats with Tony about cultivating her mindset from an early age and believing in the universe. She also discusses leading her team and operating her business with a sense of purpose and authenticity.

”Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Sara Blakely

In the news, you might have seen that Sara recently sold her company in a female-led transaction for 1.2 billion dollars. WOW!

Enjoy listening to these! And let me know which podcasts you have been listening to lately; I can’t wait to check them out!