Last week we took part in the World Animation and VFX Summit in Los Angeles. We enjoyed the many inspiring speakers that included the biggest American studio execs, showrunners, and directors. 

We attended the event to introduce our latest venture, The Happy Producers, and are grateful for the warm welcome we were met with!

Here are three of our takeaways from the panelists:


  • We are in a culture of identity, and AUTHENTICITY has never been more popular! Play on your unique assets; being yourself is a superpower.
  • PRODUCTION HEALTH is as important as the quality of our content! But, it is an action, not a word; we all need to rise and lead by example!
  • There is no SUCCESS without FAILURE. Even our favorite creators have seen many of their great ideas get canceled; such is the business. KEEP GOING!

We got interviewed by the lovely Coca Xie on the red carpet. We look forward to sharing the episode with you soon!

It was a real tonic to see our peers in person, and we are more inspired than ever to serve our community with The Happy Producers!

We look forward to seeing many of you in person in the upcoming months.


The Happy Producers