Hi everyone! We wanted to share some of the official photos taken by Animation Magazine at the World Animation and VFX Summit in Los Angeles. These photos are from the Gala and networking events. We had a great time, and the energy was so vivifying. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by passionate and happy-minded peers.

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We got a lot to meet many friends and partners that we have been collaborating with for many years over video conference without ever meeting in real life, such as Chris Henderson from Astro-Nomical and some of our friends from Splash Entertainment.

Directror Jorge R. Gutiérrez and Animation Magazine Editor Jean Thoren.

Can you spot this little ghost up there? That’s the lovely and amazing voice actress Dina Sherman.

With writers La Manda J. Davis, Sara Ataiiyan and Amelia Clover.

We are so grateful for this event and look forward to the next edition!


The Happy Producers