2021 was a year filled with duality for us. But as we look back, we seem to only remember the best moments and milestones.

We are looking to 2022 with so much excitement and inspiration! But we would not be here today if we had not been able to spark magic in 2021. Here are some of the moments we will remember this year for:

1. We launched The Happy Producers!

It was with much excitement that in November 2021, we launched the latest branch of our company: The Happy Producers!

We introduced The Happy Producers Blog and launched the LinkedIn page, where we would love to connect with you!

2. We recorded the first Podcast episodes

One of the most fun and inspiring thing we did in 2021 was spark discussions with happy-minded animation industry professional and turn them into a podcast!

The Happy producers Podcast will be launching in Winter 2022!


3. We attended our first event as The Happy Producers

We were lucky to take part in the World Animation and VFX Summit and Gala in Los Angeles.

It was a huge blessing to be able to attend an event live and interact with our peers in person. We were extra energize by our trip.


4. Lp Became a certified Stakeholder-Centered Coach

As an Executive Producer, Lp has been helping industry leaders produce their projects for a long time. 

This year, by becoming a leadership coach, he also started helping them optimize the wellbeing of their teams while creating the content of their dreams.

Read more about his coaching style here!

5. Virginie anounced her Project Scheduling e-course

We will be launching three different e-courses in 2022, the first of which is all about project scheduling for more profit and less stress! Read about it here.

The H.A.P.P.Y. Production Schedule registration open on January 03 2022!


6. CG Production Launched on the Film Ten Lives!

Lp has the pleasure of acting as Canadian Co-Producer on the animated film! We are happy that CG production has officially started, we love this project!

Read more about the film here.

We hope that looking back on 2021 warms your heart, and that thinking about 2022 lights you up!

We are excited for all that this year will have in store for all of us.

Our best wishes for the new year!


The Happy Producers