Did you know?

Planning for animation production is not about software and spreadsheets!

I have delivered 25 000 shots  without over time, on schedule, under budget, and to happy clients with very basic skills in Excell.

And I want you to know that you can too!


In my 15 years in the animation industry, I have tried a lot of different approaches to scheduling, and not all of them were conclusive! I have made mistakes, got stressed out, and missed a few deadlines.

But once I changed my mindset and made scheduling my superpower, I landed the position of my dreams in record time and doubled my salary in less than a year.

Today, I help busy animation industry profesionals working on all types of projects create a scheduling strategy to increase their profit while lowering stress for their team.

Want to know how? Join me in The H.A.P.P.Y. Production Schedule!

If you want to :

  • Align your project scope and your schedule
  • Establish simple production milestones you can easily overdeliver
  • Learn what production data to track and how to make it work for you every day
  • Create a detailed production schedule that sets your team up for success
  • Facilitate day to day scheduling by automating winning habits for a self-lead team
  • Increase your project’s profit while lowering stress

Next group starts February 28, 2022!

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to lead this program and can’t wait for us to grow together in 2022!