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We are Virginie and LP, The Happy Producers

We are two film and TV animation execs who share a happy-minded approach to producing animated content. We put our two decades of experience in the animation industry at the service of like-minded animation studios, leaders, producers, and managers who want to create the best content and turn a profit while prioritizing happiness within their team.

We share tools, processes, and insights through our consulting and coaching services.

I am Virginie - it is pronounced ''Veer-jee-nee''.

“My favorite part of production is making your talent shine!”

I am Louis-Philippe, you can call me Lp.

“I am a creative mind putting my years of production experience to the service of happy productions.”

Nice to meet you!  I live in Montreal, Canada, and my first language is French.

I am a Film and TV Producer with 15 years of experience in live-action and CG animation. I have worked on some of the most exciting properties in the world with clients like Disney, Netflix, HBO, TeamTo and Splash Entertainment.

I put my expertise to the service of the Film and TV community by teaching happy-minded industry professionals, managers, and leaders how to increase their profit while lowering stress. Check out my e-Courses programs!

I am also Co-Owner of The Happy Producers and Ensemble Productions. I share my production and workplace wellbeing tips and insights on The Happy Producers Blog.

For over a decade, Virginie and I produced some of the most exciting animated content globally. As we reached the executive level, our journey was filled with growth, challenges, and creative solutions.

These days, not only I am a co-producer on the upcoming film 10 Lives, produced by GFM Animation, we also put our expertise to the service of the animation production industry by sharing production processes that are in sync with the creative process. 

I am a certified coach working with like-minded leaders, studios, and producers. Reach out if you would like to know more!

I also host discussions with industry leaders on creating and preserving happiness in the workplace on The Happy Producers  Show podcast.


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